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Gold and Love

Shashayesh Radmehr is a jeweler from Iran, who currently lives and works in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. She studied Applied Mathematics and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science (BSc) in 2007. She is completing a Jewellery and Metal Arts Diploma at the New Brunswick College of Craft Design NBCCD, and will graduate in summer of 2023. Her works have shown in several exhibits and galleries such as the Sterling Show (old Government House Gallery), Gallery 78 (2022), NBCCD Christmas Craft Sale (2022), the George Fry Gallery (2022), and the Craft East Buyer Expo (Halifax) in 2023. She is the owner of Gold and Love, and her brand is fine jewelry.

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I am a jeweler. My parents used to be artists and they have helped me learn my entire life. My name means ‘puppy flower’ and my last name means ‘love and bravery’. I used to be a teacher, I taught piano and music for ten years and I also taught math for a year. I liked my jobs but I didn't love them. After this I started to find love in my life and make my life meaningful. I studied a lot, visited a psychologist,...and in the end, I found that I wanted to become a jeweler. So I started my journey by making jewelry and taking many courses to learn and grow my skills. I seek to infuse life into my work, as the work is created an energy is imbued through the meaning of their design so they can express themselves. The muffled hammer strike, whir of drills, and the melodic churning of tumblers polishing the jewelry to a glossy sheen are like meditation for me and they make me fresh every day to be more creative for the day after. My work incorporates precious metals, such as gold and sterling silver, and colorful stones. I get inspired by nature and my Iranian culture, I combine them with love and honesty, and try my best to make meaningful pieces. Playing with the sketches and finding a design that works for me is the start of my making process. I specialized in digital and 3D design because it helps me and my clients visualize the finished products in a more efficient way, while also helping me budget the piece better. I believe that the energy of my love goes into my jewelry when I am working on them and when people wear them they can feel peace and positive vibes.

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